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Old Coral & Medicine Beads Bracelet

Bracelet Size: apx. 60 x 60mm (Elastic)

Origin: Tibet

Age: Over thousands of years

* Custom sizes available

Old Coral & Medicine Beads Bracelet

SKU: KR4922
  • Old Coral has been a highly sought after material in Tibet and the Himalayan regions for many centuries. Old Coral beads are highly valued for personal adornment. Since ancient times, coral has been used to craft propitiatory amulets. These were mostly for pregnant women and newborns as coral was considered a powerful talisman against evil spells and any sort of enchantment. According to popular beliefs the sharp branches could pierce through evil spells cast with envy.


    Tibetan Old Medicine Beads were collected for more than 1000 years. These beads are generally prized as protective amulets and are sometimes ground into a powder to be used in traditional Tibetan medicine. The most highly prized dzi beads are those of ancient age, made of natural agate. The original source of these beads is a mystery.

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