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Tan Kian Por is the founder and former president of Siao Tao Art Society. He is now the advisor in the Society. He is also the first Singaporean to be appointed as an overseas honorary member of Xi Leng Seal Carving & Painting Society of Hangzhou, China.To date, Kian Por has held a total of 16 solo art exhibitions.


In 2001 he was honored to be the recipient of the Cultural Medallion Award, conferred by the Government of Singapore. He is then selected to be one of the specialist panel members for the Cultural Medallion Awards and Young Artist Awards.


In 2004, he is accepted by the Chinese Canadian Art Council of Canada as an art advisor.

In 2005, Siaw Tao Art Society awarded him for his art achievements and recognition with an achievement award.


In 2006, he was featured in the publication, “People of the Peak” – Who’s Who of Singapore, 1st and 2nd edition. The Singapore Encyclopedia 2006.

In 2008, he participated in ‘The Fourth Exhibition of 2008 New Expression of Asian Art’ at Zheng Zhou, China. At the same year, Kian Por also made his new publication, ‘The Journey of the Heart’, which featured his collections of antiques, art pieces and artifacts.

In 2009, he participated in the China 60th Anniversary Outstanding Chinese Seal Carving Exhibition “江山多娇” in Beijing, China.


In 2010, his painting, “Coconut Tree” received the World Peace Award, by the World Peace Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition Committee, Zheng Zhou, China.

In 2012, he published his first chinese seal carving book “铁笔朱痕” - Chinese Seal Carving By Tan Kian Por.

In 2015, he published his second chinese seal carving book “开天辟地” - Chinese Seal Carving By Tan Kian Por.

In 2015, he published “水月相忘” - The Art Of Tan Kian Por.

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